• 27. June 2018 New Release 2018 “Arriving”

    “Arriving” means “Ankommen” in German. But looking beyond this strict translation, Antonio Koudele’s newest album wishes to convey the sort of “Ankommen” understood in German in its richer, intangible sense. Perhaps moments of contentment just with oneself; a moment to breathe, unwind amongst soothing sounds, thoughts drifting, allowing life’s moments of beauty to paint warm [...]

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  • 30. November 2015 Harp Guitar Goes Brazil

    Antonio Shop Amazon Store iTunes Store 10 wonderful compositions with brazilian roots. 8 original songs created by the soloist Antonio Koudele specially for this wonderful instrument, showcasing tonal richness and harmonic diversity of the harp guitar, an instrument, capable of holding its own against the typically dense brazilian rhythms and their fast harmony changes. You [...]

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  • 3. December 2012 Aventura Cubana Live Performance 2011

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  • 24. July 2012 A La Manera Cubana

    These are some of the finest soul sounds of the Carribean! Cuban music composed and performed by Antonio Koudele with all the heart and verve of a genuine Habanero. Lead vocals and guitar are by Antonio, backed up by a band of Cuban musicians. This group of talented musicians conveys that distinct mix of passionate [...]

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  • 3. May 2012 Radio Bayern 2 Talk

    Radio Bayern 2 | Kultur Welt Feuilleton presenting: Antonio Koudele portrait Antonio Koudele - Porträt - kulturWelt - Aktuelles Feuilleton - Bayern 2 - 03.05.2012 {"type":"audio","tracklist":true,"tracknumbers":true,"images":true,"artists":true,"tracks":[{"src":"https:\/\/antoniokoudele.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2018\/06\/120503_kulturWelt_Antonio-Koudele-Portrait.mp3","type":"audio\/mpeg","title":"Antonio Koudele - Portr\u00e4t - kulturWelt - Aktuelles Feuilleton - Bayern 2 - 03.05.2012","caption":"","description":"\"Antonio Koudele - Portr\u00e4t - kulturWelt - Aktuelles Feuilleton - Bayern 2 - 03.05.2012\" aus kulturWelt - [...]

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